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What Is a Vehicle Without Its Tires?

Well, it will either go nowhere or take us there precariously. Fortunately, we can turn to a team of local experts at Big O Tires to help our vehicles perform safely and efficiently.

Big O Tires is one of North America's largest retail tire franchisors, with over 400 franchise and company-owned locations in 19 states. Micheal Westbroek, a city local, has proudly owned and operated his North Ogden store for over 16 years. Today, you can walk into the North Ogden Big O Tires and find Mike working side-by-side with his team. Due to his extensive mechanical and leadership experience, combined with the skills and dedication of his team, customers of Big O Tires have expressed satisfaction for the service they were given at this location: 

Big O Store Tire Display

"Was VERY grateful for the help, education & support I received when visiting Big O Tires in North Ogden, Utah. They took the time to show me differences, explain sizes & performance, and most of all, had my Tahoe finished within an hour!! The guys there are amazing!! Thanks for all your help!! Very relieved for when the first snow hits the ground! Very satisfied customer!!"  - Vonnie 


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 "I totally love the people who run this location. They have consistently done great work for me and my wife. I take my car here for oil changes, tire rotations, repairs, etc. They are fast and do quality work. I highly recommend this location."  - Jeremy 


A Unique Location with Unique Community Involvement

As a franchise, the North Ogden Big O Tires is a part of a large network of tire retailers and service experts. That means you can find the same services, products, and warranties at any Big O Tires location.

Your experience becomes unique at the North Ogden Location when you find that Mike and his crew are your local neighbors who care about strengthening the community. They are particularly supportive of North Ogden's children and their education, including sponsorships to Weber High School and the local Junior High Schools and Elementary Schools.

Big O Tires has taken many opportunities to give back to the community. Mike elaborated about these opportunities below:

"A lot of our involvement in North Ogden has been through supporting the Schools as they have needed help with fund raising, etc. We support the Warrior News Paper, almost every athletic team at Weber High, as well as their Theater Department. This last year, Weber High held a 5K race. We donated gift certificates for Oil Changes to be given to all who ran. We have done the same for North Ogden Junior High and Orion Junior High. We have helped with the Elementary PTA’s and their many activities. For 2 years we provided the bags that Bates Elementary used in their fund raising walk-a thon. We are happy to support the North Ogden Kiwanis Club, helping with funding for their golf Tournament and July 4th breakfast. We have hosted many Cub Scout Groups and Youth groups, both young men as well as young women, at the shop for training and education. We love the kids in this city. The past 2 years we have helped in the city clean up by providing a place to dispose of waste tires and oil." 

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Owner Michael Westbroek


Interview with Owner Michael Westbroek

When did you first open?

Our Big O Tires Franchise was originally in South Ogden at 36th and Riverdale Rd. We decided to move to North Ogden City in 1999, where we had lived for 9 years. We started construction in May of 1999 and opened on September 29th, 1999.  

What is your favorite thing about being a part of North Ogden?

I think the thing we love most about being a part of North Ogden has to be the people. It just has a small town feel and everyone is very friendly. We stick together and help each other in both the good times as well as the challenging times. High winds, record braking snow, and rain storms, we have had them all, and as a community we always jump right in to help our neighbors as they need it

Along with daily business, how has the community specifically supported your local business?

When we decided to move to North Ogden, many people around Ogden told us we were crazy. North Ogden will not support you is what they would say. I would laugh and say we will see. I felt I could do that because I lived here, and I knew the great people of North Ogden. I was also told that the city government was not very business friendly. But I would say I felt like the Red Carpet was rolled out for us as we started the approval process. 

Why is giving back to the community so important to you?

The move to North Ogden was a big leap of faith. We were welcomed with open arms and have made so many wonderful friendships here. There is no way we would have been able to remain in business without the support of the community. Sharing in our successes with our friends in the community is very enjoyable. We feel that giving back to the community is really the only way we can say, Thank you.   

Is there anything you would like to say to the community?

We are here to serve and build lasting relationships with the residents of North Ogden. We would like to thank you for your support over the past 16 years and hope we can continue to provide for your needs for many years to come. 

What are your future plans for your business?

This is a family owned business and it will continue to be far into the future. We would love to keep growing with the City, help the community remain a great place to live, and continue helping with the schools.