Amended Agenda - July 19, 2016

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CITY COUNCIL MEETING               AMENDED                       
July 19, 2016 – 6PM
505 EAST 2600 NORTH
Welcome:  Mayor Taylor        
Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance: Council Member Lynn Satterthwaite

1.    Discussion and/or action to consider the June 14, 2016 Meeting minutes

2.    Discussion and/or action to consider the June 21, 2016 Meeting minutes

1.    Public Comments

2.    Presentation by Republic Services on recycling
       Presenter:  Reece DeMille, Manager Municipal Services & Government Affairs

3.    Discussion and/or action to approve an Ordinance accepting the International
       Fire Code (IFC) 2015 Edition
       Presenter: Ryan Barker

4.    Discussion and/or action to consider a location and design for the skate park
       Presenter:  Matt Hartvigsen, City Engineer

5.    Presentation and Discussion on Form Based Code
       Presenter: Susie Pentheram, CRSA Consultant

6.    Discussion and/or action on a proposal from Leonard Looney for North Ogden City
       to financially participate in the building of the retaining wall and fence between the
       first four houses on 525 E and the Senior Center   
       Presenter:  Leonard Looney

7.    Discussion on a City magazine
      Presenter:  Mayor Taylor

8.    Discussion on new phone system
       Presenter:  Evan Nelson, Finance Director

9.    Discussion and/or action to consider amendments to the agreement with Meritage
       Companies, LLC for the Village at Prominence Point Development Agreement
       Presenter:  Jon Call, City Attorney/Acting City Administrator

10.    Discussion  on Planning Fees
        Presenter:  Rob Scott, City Planner

11.    Presentation on a proposal from Questar Gas to lease or purchase an easement
         located at 165 East Lomond View Drive
         Presenter: Rob Scott, City Planner

12.    Discussion and/or action to consider an Ordinance adding regulations related to
        nuisances associated with vacant buildings
         Presenter: Jon Call

13.    Public Comments

14.    Council/Mayor/Staff Comments

15.    Adjournment