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 North Ogden City Council

North Ogden City was incorporated on Feb 1, 1934 and operates under the Six Member Council Form of Government. To learn about our Form of Government and what it means, please click here


You can send an email to the Mayor and all 5 Council Members by sending an e-mail to:

The North Ogden City Council meets at the North Ogden City Municipal Building located at 505 East 2600 North.  Meetings are held the first through fourth Tuesday's of each month.  The meetings begin at 6:00pm.  All citizens or interested individuals are invited to attend.  There will be an opportunity for public input and comments at the beginning and end of each meeting.



Brent Taylor

Mayor Brent Taylor

(801) 513-6163

Term Expires: 01/2018

Meet Mayor Taylor: click here



Council Members



Jim Urry


(801) 668-1928

Term Expires: 01/2018


Lynn Satterthwaite

Council Member Lynn Satterthwaite

(801) 721-6521

Term Expires: 01/2018

Biography: Click Here

Cheryl Stoker

Council Member Cheryl Stoker

(801) 782-9302

Term Expires: 01/2020

Biography: Click Here

Phillip Swanson

Swanson, Phillip -WEB

(801) 940-2111

Term Expires: 01/2020

Biography: Click Here

Carl Turner

 Turner, Carl - WEB

(801) 430-0540

Term Expires: 01/2020


Mayor and City Council at Work

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